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For the beginnings of this project, click here.

The closet has been conquered!

First I pulled everything out of the closet. There were so many things that didn’t belong in there. Extra boxes of Ziploc bags and Huggies Swimmers, I’m looking at you.

Then I separated items into piles of what needed to find a new home, what could be sold/donated, and what needed to go into the trash.

Barely anything went back into the closet!

The clutter has been cleared and I am proud of the results!

So Much Better!

Did you conquer your closets this week?

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Closets are fun, aren’t they? A place for everything and everything in its place. But we all have that one closet. The closet where you rapidly open the door, throw whatever it is that you don’t know what to do with in there, and slam (or shut) the door before anything can escape. Some of you are laughing because you have a closet just like this. 🙂

Well, I am tired of having a disaster for a closet. Particularly because when we moved, we threw everything that we couldn’t find a place for, into this closet. I swear the doors are heaving and groaning every time I walk into that room.

So this week’s challenge for Project Simplify is to tackle that closet. I for one am tired of having a space that is not being utilized to its full potential. It is beyond annoying.

Absolute craziness!

So who’s with me? C’mon and clear out your closets! Spring cleaning is in full effect! 🙂

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To see the mayhem of this project’s beginnings, click here.

Well I conquered my kitchen! Sort of… My two goals for this project were to organize my refrigerator and to convert my hall closet into a pantry. Let’s start with the fridge.

Fruits and vegetables going bad before anyone had a chance to eat them, was a big pet peeve. The storage bins at the bottom of the fridge just don’t work. We forget anything is even in them! I also wanted a centralized place for snacks so I didn’t have to hunt through everything just to find some yogurt.

So I had an epiphany. I’ll create a “snack bin”! A place for all of our snacks including cut-up fruits and veggies that’s easy to find! Genius, right?

So I picked up this little bin in the dollar section of Target. I like the bright apple green color!

I added a decorative label to some cardboard, cut it out, and attached it to my bin.


I put some yummy snacks like applesauce, carrots, cucumber, and humus in the new snack bin. It’s easy to get to and now I am not wasting any money on fruits and vegetables that never get eaten.

My new cleaned out refrigerator:

A place for everything

Organization makes me happy!

As for the whole hall closet into a pantry conversion… That didn’t work out too well. There is no light in that hall closet, and short of installing flood lights to brighten the area, I am at a loss on how to illuminate the space. I am for the moment, stumped. So the pantry situation will have to be an ongoing project.

Week Three’s project is coming up! More organizing to be done!

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Week one is under my belt, time for the next project!

This week’s task is to conquer your kitchen. Whether that’s the fridge, the countertops, or the pantry, it is time to make one of the most used spaces in the house more functional.

My refrigerator is beyond annoying. We throw stuff in there and then you can’t find anything! Items get shoved behind other items and before you know it, what you are looking for has expired. Can you say “wasting money”?

So Messy!

Our new place did not come with a separate pantry. So I thought “outside the box” as they say, and decided to turn our hall closet into a much-needed pantry. We never use the hall closet except to hide junk in, so it makes perfect sense to utilize this space. I wish I could offer a “before” picture, but there is no light at all in my hall closet. Seriously, you need a flashlight to see in there…

So these are my tasks to do this week. Time to bring some order to the food situation in my kitchen!

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For the ins and outs on the beginnings of this task, click here.

I am so glad that I took the time to work on this! I really thought I had done an awesome job of clearing up my daughter’s old clothes and toys before we moved, but apparently I was in denial.

All of my daughter’s clothes that no longer fit, have been bagged up and are ready for Goodwill:

She could open her own store!

My daughter has a lot of wooden blocks that seem to make their way into every room in the house. I’ve accidentally stepped on them more times than I care to admit. These blocks needed to be corralled!

So now they have a new home in an old coffee container! Apparently I am becoming old hat at this repurposing trick!


The blocks have a new home!

Any toys that haven’t been played with have also been bagged up and are ready to go! I am so glad that this task is done. Everything feels much lighter!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store to declutter for week 2!

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Yes folks, it’s March. Time for the bees to buzz, the weather to warm up, and the pollen to activate your allergies. But it is also Spring! Well, almost… but that being said, it’s time to spring clean!

Tsh over at Simple Mom has a fun spring cleaning series that starts this week called Project Simplify and I am participating! Each week, we will tackle a “hotspot” in our homes and the purpose is to declutter, declutter, declutter! Get rid of all the “stuff” and be free of all the debris and get some order in the household!

So this week’s goal is to tackle kids’ stuff. Kids may not come with an instruction booklet, but they sure come with a lot of clothes, toys, items that aren’t necessarily toys but they play with them anyways… Even though I recently moved and thought I got rid of a lot of old toys and clothes of my daughter’s, it is readily apparent that I was mistaken.

Elmo is no longer the BFF

Seriously folks, there’s more where this came from!

So it’s time to get rid of what doesn’t fit and what toy is no longer played with. It’s time to get rid of the clutter!

I’m excited to get started!


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